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Perhaps you are thinking of using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) but need some impartial guidance on how to get started. With 50 plus vendors offering tools to support BPMN, the choice can be overwhelming.

You may have decided to try modelling your business processes in BPMN but are uncertain about how to exploit its real potential. You have read how easy it is and may have tried it out but aren't really sure what to do next. There is quite of lot of misleading information - that ranges from being rather optimistic to cynical.

Although not a silver bullet, BPMN is more than just another process modelling notation. It is the key to a significantly different way of meeting business needs. It really does allow business and stakeholders, including IT, to share a single coherent model of business processes and their implementation.

Well formed and governed BPMN models are critical business assets for driving effectiveness, compliance, efficiency and agility. They enable integrated implementation, testing, training and creation of operating procedures.

Although BPMN is quite easy to learn and use, it does need some training to get the most from its simple but powerful vocabulary. Creating accurate, complete and correct process models requires good practices to be established in your organisation. Model reviewers, approvers and users, however, need little more than simple briefings in the notation to be effective.

Cut through the hype to get to the essence of what BPMN is really about.
Find the best tool for your needs.
Learn what BPMN can and can't do from experienced practitioners.

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